Accessibility Statement

This website has been designed to be as accessible to the largest audience possible. We have worked closely with a wide range of disabled people and placed great emphasis on testing to ensure a better experience for all users and all technologies.

We are always trying to improve this websites accessibility and welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback you may have, please feel free to contact us.



It is our intention to ensure that this website offers maximum accessibility to all its users. This website has been designed to web standards using XHTML 1.0 and CSS, with all pages being validated through the W3C validator service.

We aim for the site to comply with all W3C Priority AA guidelines, and the majority of W3C Priority AAA guidelines.

Text resizing

Text resizing can be activated through the 'Increase Font / Decrease Font' links at the top right of each page. (Please note, our text resizing feature is dependent on javascript being turned on.)

Where our text resizing feature is not available, you can achieve the same result independently by following these instructions:

PC / Internet Explorer 6 From the top menu bar, select View and point to Text size
PC / Internet Explorer 7 From the menu bar underneath the search field, select Page and point to Text size
PC / other browsers Increase text size: Hold down the CTRL key and press + Decrease text size: Hold down the CTRL key and press -
Mac / all browsers Increase text size: Hold down the Command key and press + Decrease text size: Hold down the Command key and press -

Access keys

We hope that you're enjoying using the features of this website and are not experiencing any problems. However, if you do have difficulty viewing the site, there are some things you can do to make it easier.

You can change the settings of your browser to better suit your needs and use specially provided keyboard shortcuts in case you find it hard to use a mouse.

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts, or access keys, to help site users which are detailed below.

  • Alt + S Skip Navigation
  • Alt + 1 Home Page
  • Alt + 2 Site Map
  • Alt + 3 Contact Us
  • Alt + 4 Terms and Conditions
  • Alt + 5 Decrease Text Size
  • Alt + 6 Default Text Size
  • Alt + 7 Increase Text Size
  • Alt + 0 Accessibility Statement

The keyboard shortcuts are intended to help users who have difficulty in using a mouse.

Note: please keep in mind that there can be variations on how to enter the access keys. These can be accessed in the following way:

  • PC: hold down Alt
  • Mac: hold down Ctrl
  • Firefox 2: hold down Alt and Shift

Recent site improvements

We are always looking for new ways to improve the accessibility of this website through user comments, testing and new technologies. The changes that we have recently made include: